Our Vision

To not only keep pace with today’s technology, but to implement tomorrow’s technology today thereby providing our customers the safety that they deserve.

Our Mission

We at Equivalent are in constant pursuit of providing everlasting earthing solutions to safeguard your loved & lived.

To become India’s leading brand for Safe Earthing Electrode


The Need for Superior Earthing

We are today surrounded by sensitive electronic equipment & appliances, whose hidden protector in a sense is Earthing. For too long now, earthing has been a neglected branch of the electrical work in every era of our life. With emerging days however, earthing is slowly coming into the consciousness of the masses as an important protector for their technologically driven lives.

The traditional method of earthing is no longer viable for us. To bridge the gap between traditional earthing methods & our technologically driven lives, Baron presents its own advanced range of Electro - Galvanised Equivalent Earthing Electrodes. It is highly corrosion resistant, reliable, maintenance free & cost effective earthing solution for the technology conscious masses.

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Product Specifications

  • Every step of the manufacturing process is Quality & Technology governed
  • Granular finish & aesthetic look
  • Coating thickness is uniform, governed through a Special Purpose Built Machine for Electro-Galvanisation
  • Customer specific coating thickness can be done with our EG-SPM
  • Better anti-corrosion protection
  • Excellent soil interface due to electrodes matty finish
  • Electro-Galvanisation is done under stringent quality control supervision
  • High current dissipation capacity due to increased surface area
  • Suitable for highly corrosive & chemical infested environment
(PIP / SIP / SP)
(PIP / SIP / SP)
2 Meters/ 3 Meters 2 Meters/ 3 Meters
Outer Pipe
48 dia 76 dia
Electro-Galvanised Coating
80 - 100 microns 80 - 100 microns

Advantage & Benefits

  • Safety of life & property from earth related electrical hazards
  • Strong, Reliable, Long Life
  • Less Maintenance
  • Savings on Maintenance
  • Smooth dissipation of fault, lightning & short circuit currents
  • Low electrical resistance as per soil
  • Resistance to Corrosion
  • Repeated current carrying capacity & continuity
  • Provide stable reference
  • Ideal earthing system for all kinds of earthing applications

Range of Electrodes

Pipe in Pipe Pipe in Pipe
Single Pipe Single Pipe
Strip in Pipe Strip in Pipe
Customized Customized
EquiFill Compound EquiFill Compound


Sub Station
Application 01
Sub Station
Broadcasting Stations
CNC Machines
Fertilizer Plants
Iron & Steel Plants
IT Industry
Panel Control Stations
Power Generation Stations
Power Generation Stations
Power Generation Stations
Residential Buildings

Easy Installation

Selecting the right earthing for your safety is only half the battle, if it isn't installed properly, it wont work properly thereby putting your safety into jeopardy.

In normal soil conditions, installation is done by making a bore of 8 inches to a suitable depth depending upon the earthing system selected, in the soil. From the evacuated earth, remove the lumps & stones. If necessary sieve the soil to remove foreign materials. Mix the EquiFill Compound with soft soil & throw a handful of the mix into the pit. After removing the plastic sleeve, place the electrode in the pit. Thereafter throw two or three kgs of the EFC - soil mix, into the pit around the electrode & add a bucket of water. Poke the pit with a long pole around the electrode for a few minutes to enable the trapped air to escape. In this manner continue the earth filling process till the entire electrode stands firmly in the pit. Ensure that the consistency of the EFC is pasty & not watery. After finishing the chamber work pour a few buckets of water around the pit. Check the pit after 24 hours.

It is important to note that the earth resistance value depends on soil conditions & its resistivity.

Step 01

Step 02

Step 03

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